Face To Face

MAFS, headquartered in Chicago, the largest ethnic not for profit Organization for Seniors in the United States Commemorated Mahatma Gandhiji's 150 Birth Anniversary at their 27th Annual Gala by honoring Top 20 GLOBAL ICONS with Mahatma Gandhi Sesquicentennial Medallion of Excellence.

International Keynote Speaker/ Author/ Executive Coach / Stress Management/Health and Wellness/ Inspirational Leadership All through his life, Dr Yuvaraj has cherished a challenging vision of a truly motivated society in action.Such a society will excel itself every day compared to its yesterday.

Physician of the year 2019 award to Dr Sreenivasa Reddy, President, American Association of Radiologists of Indian Origin in Recognition of his celebrated Clinical Acumen-ship, Extraordinary patient care and unparalleled leadership in organized medicine.

Whatever work she does, she will do it passionately with dedication and commitment. As student, she did it. As journalist, she did it. As a Group one officer, she did it. As leader of women workers, she did it. Whatever she does, she will do it with enthusiasm and with much ease. In one sentence, this unique character defines Sujatha Gottipati.

CONGRATULATIONS TO YEDUGURI SANDINTI JAGANMOHAN REDDY (Jagan) for the immense victory in his political carrier to become the second Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh after its divergence in 2014, who is also the first Christian CM for the state.

Dr. Rama Rao, a rare jewel in the midst of the State of Illinois. Dr. Rama Rao is an eminent artist, educator, poet and writer Dr. Rama Rao spirit is translucence throughout his art.

Sita Sonty brings key national security leadership experience to SNC from the U.S Department of State, Raytheon International, and over fifteen years of service as a Foreign Service Officer.