Mental Illness is this the new Norm?
Should be do away it labels or categories in this field?
Can we use the same determining factors to get new results?
Do the parameters have to change?

Anne Lorimor - the superhero who’s changing children’s lives..Every once in a while, you chance upon few people who have the ability to inspire you greatly. My meeting with Anne Lorimor was one such incident, which was so beautiful, that I wanted to share my experience and maybe inspire you as well.

Keeping with the pledge to curb plastic pollution in the country, India is all set to impose a nationwide ban on six major single use plastic products including plastic bags, cups and straws.

Dr. Raghu Bajwa MD, fellow of AAPMR is board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation. She has an extensive experience of 30 years in managing debilitating conditions as a physiatrist.

The Edward Foundation is partnering with Dr. Sangita Rangala, Medical Director of the Edward Hospital Care Center, and Anand Dance to produce Sacred, a live Indian dance event that will benefit the Care Center, which provides medical examinations.

A4 Clinics is the brain-child of Dr. Abha Agrawal, MD, FACP, FACHE. Leveraging her extensive training in Medicine and Medical Informatics, her over 20 years of clinical experience, and a highly successful career as a healthcare leader and patient safety expert in USA

Smile is our Outer Expression, Bliss is our Inner Reality! Breath is the Bridge connecting our inner and outer worlds!! Be a witness to all these surfacing or emerging emotions, energy flow.

Dr Sreenivas Reddy, President of Indian American Medical Association hosted a historic bi partisan Congressional Salute to the Chicagoland Hospital CEOs including Timothy A Caveney of South Shore Hospital, Tim Egan of Roseland community Hospital..